George Borghi has more than 20 of experience in the field of audio for motion pictures and television. He has held executive positions at major studios and technology companies in Southern California. George founded House Gadget with the belief that most folks want to come home after a hard day’s work and use their gadgets, not learn about them.


Gadget Alliance is broken into four divisions including House Gadget, Office Gadget Global Gadget and Gadget Partners. Collectively the Gadget Alliance designs, integrates, sells, installs and supports technology for a wide variety of residential and commercial environments. The products and services offered include audio, video, computers, phones, surveillance, video conferencing and all the systems necessary to integrate and control them.

Gadget Alliance positions itself in the technology integration market as a company defined by its relationships with its customers. Every call, every visit, every communication is a person-to-person affair at House Gadget.


Learn more about Gadget Alliance by visiting their web site:

[sws_divider_basic] “AFP is a business that has learned to listen and respond in a way that promotes goodwill and garnishes respect. I trust my clients with AFP because they do what they say and often surprise us by doing more. There is no other company I would recommend for fitness equipment and related services. They are the standard, period.”

– George Borghi


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