Gyms, a business in good shape

By: Leopoldo Torres *. Edition: José Alcalá Franco. Translation: Youselande Leonne

Leopoldo Torres. Director de PRECOR USA para Latinoamerica
Leopoldo Torres. Director PRECOR USA to Latinoamerica

Only three of every 100 Mexicans exercising regularly and disciplined, soopen a gym can be a good deal. That’s right, although it seems contradictory. Leopoldo Torres, director for Latin America at Precor USA, explains why you bet on the fitness industry.

Is the best time to open a gym, there are some factors that may influence this decision, as the economic situation, but it is important to consider the need for 97% of the population is exercised, “says the representative of Precor USA, specialized company team for clubs and gyms. “

How much investment requires a business like this? “A well fitted with quality services and equipment, gym suggests an investment of about $ 90,000,” answered Torres, who explains that the amount may be less depending on the type of property you intend to open.

The manager explains that the fitness industry shows sustained growth in Mexico, because we are a country that must change their habits: “We are the number one worldwide in obesity and have many problems related to diabetes and hypertension, reasons that make the health industry and exercise a necessity. “

According to data provided by Precor fitness Mexican market it has strengthened in the last two years with an over 300% increase in number of gyms. Also, due to the large amount of information available on health, wellness and exercise, there has been growing interest in the population to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Would you like to invest in a gym? Leopoldo Torres offers you the three keys you need to know:

The ubication. “The offices near population centers or gyms are usually full, so it’s a good idea to bet on premises located near them.”

The concept. According to the executive, there are different options to invest because gyms are from low-cost services to others with pool and various fitness activities, “hence define and drive have features that others can not add a point Please gym “.

The service. This is the most attractive value proposition for customers, “Let them feel your commitment to support your exercise goals is essential to build a successful gym,” says Torres.


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(*) Leopoldo Torres Business Manager Latin America Precor Amer Sports Brand in Latin America and Chief Precor Incorporate. Professional Coaching in Mexican Association of Physical Education AMED Specialist in Fitness business hospitality. Study Ecole Hoteliere du Les Roches, in Bluche Switzerland. It has several certificates in Hotel Management. IHRSA conference presenter Mexico and Brazil.


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