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Karen Jashinsky is a certified personal trainer and passionate female entrepreneur who is dedicated to making a positive change in the landscape of youth fitness and health. She was named one of the 26 most influential young people in the fitness industry in January 2007 by IHRSA and was also the first ever recipient of the IHRSA Emerging Female Business Leader award in 2009. Karen earned her MBA from the University of Southern California.



O2 MAX is a brand focused on addressing the unmet fitness needs of teenagers, college students and kids. Unlike others in the fitness industry, O2 MAX offers a compelling, effective, and fun offering of fitness services and products designed specifically for the younger generation.  O2 MAX has a portfolio of products for kids ranging in ages 2 to early 20s.  With the ability to successfully connect with its target demographic, O2 MAX is recognized as a leader in youth fitness as demonstrated by the media coverage received for the relationships and programs implemented to date: Prom Fit, College Fitness, Family Fitness, MAX Racing and after school programs.  All programs leverage the use of social media to engage youth in real world fitness activities to promote healthier, more active, teen and young adult lifestyles.


Learn more about O2 MAX by visiting their website.

[sws_divider_basic] “Advantage Fitness is a known leader. We choose to partner with them because they ARE truly first class and our clients deserve the best. Thanks AFP for all of your support!”

– Karen Jashinsky


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