Next Generation Spinning Forum International – Caracas 17

1st International Forum CCS’17 “Challenges to become Master Trainer International”

The connection between us is the passion for SPINNING, this is the passion that empower Caracas next March 24, 25 and 26 with the Chilean guest Master Instructor Néstor Salinas (Program Spinning Chile) and with the Venezuelans M. I. Pedro Plaza and M. I. Tony Salazar.


Nestor Salinas – Spinning Master Instructor Chile

What inspired me to become M.I.?

“I had a cruciate ligament surgery on my right knee and guess what, the Spinning program helped me through that tough period of my life. That moment marked me, because I fell in love with Spinning, at that moment I understood how powerful the program is in a physical and mental way, and how the program can act positively in people’s lives. So I just want to convey that experience, that “secret”, with everyone! I want to take others to this incredible job, and the way to do it was to become a Master Instructor of Spinning. ” By: Nestor Salinas.





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Next Generation Spinning Forum CCS´17

International Rate: Request information about the investment by email.

Payment of the International Fare:

  • Cash: only directly at our office located on Avenida Andrés Bello, between Samanes and Acacias, Sirmione Building, Basement Floor, Caracas, Local TECNOSPORTS.
  • International Transfer: you must request the coordinates by email info@tecnosports.com.ve or WhatsApp +58 414 3772262 +58 412 0286490.
  • Registration: Once the payment has been made, you will receive a number to proceed with registration on the site www.tecnosports.com.ve



The Official Certification is directed to the Instructors of other modalities, Cyclist, Spinning Practitioners and Athletes of any sport discipline, aspiring to train as International Spinning Instructors, authorized by Mad Dogg Athletics and Tecnosports de Venezuela (Education Representative) to teach classes In any of the +35,000 Spinning Officers (Official Spinning Facility -OSF-) in +80 countries.

Saturday March 25, 2017.

Duration of 9 hours. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Presenter: Tony Salazar Master (M.I.) Spinning Instructor.


  • Instructor’s Manual.
  • International Spinning Instructor Certification.
  • Light lunch, just for Spinning Certification Day.
  • Optional for the Continuing Education Workshop, you will receive the Booklet Educational Workshop and Certificates from each workshop to accumulate points.



  • The Continuing Education Courses are aimed exclusively at Mad Dogg Atheltics (MDA) Certified Instructors of the Spinning Program and taught by Master International:
  • Design of Profiles and Games of Heart Rate (6 Cec’s)
  • Mental Training (6 Cec’s)
  • Spintensity (6 Cec’s)
  • Circuits and Stairs (3 Cec’s)
  • The 5 Steps of the Sprint (3 Cec’s)
  • Aerobic Base Training (6 Cec’s)
  • Strength, Hills and Power (3 Cec’s)
  • Race Day Energy Zone (3 Cec’s)

There are 20 seats available for each workshop. The quota is reserved, with payment only.


  • International Certification to accumulate Spinning Credits.
  • Booklet Educational Workshop.

Pedro Plaza (Master Instructor Spinning Venezuela)

Pedro Plaza Master Trainer Spinning

What motivated me to become a Spinning® Master Instructor?

“When the Planet Fit Gym brought Caracas to the creator of Spinning® in 2001, Johnny G. gave me a small planet as a symbol of all Venezuelans devoted to this discipline and gave me a mission: to be the Spinning® Ambassador in my Country, which I could achieve in 2004 at the Master Camp in Rimini, Italy. ” By: Pedro Plaza M.I. Venezuela.



Email: info@tecnosports.com.ve – www.tecnosports.com.ve


Registrations of inscriptions: Seydi Marin  +599 9 5139333

Education Coordinator: Pedro González +58 412 0286490

Education Programs: Cherly Espinoza + 58 414 3707021

Mad Dogg Athletics Education Representative: José Alcalá Franco + 58 412 2419276

TECNOSPORTS: (Caracas) Av. Andrés Bello, between Av. Los Samanes and Av. Las Acacias, Building. Sirmione, Local Tecnosports, La Florida, Caracas. Tel.: (0212) 793.2055 – 7932050

TECNOSPORTS: (Curacao) Tecnosports Curacao B.V. (Tecnosports Caribbean) F.III.5a, Curaçao Airport Free (Economic) Zone Hato. Phone: +599 98682236
+599 96947008 Email:info@tecnosports.cw


MAILLOT CLASS INSTRUCTOR (Optional) The Instructor’s jersey is a key piece of work to identify yourself professionally with your students.

Contact Caribbean: Seidy Marin (WhatsApp) +599 9 5139333 Registrations – Inscriptions To Aruba, Bonaire  and Curacao.

Contact Venezuela: Yuhemy Ruiz (WhatsApp) +58 414 3772262


José Alcalá Franco – Education Representative of Mad Dogg Athletic Venezuela, Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. Email: alcala@tecnosports.com.ve / WhatsApp +58 412 2419276

SPINNING® registered trademark of Mad Dogg Atheltics, Inc. Authorized Distributor: Tecnosports of Venezuela C. A., for the territories of Venezuela, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

The Spinning Continuing Education Workshops are taught in Venezuela, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire only by TECNOSPORTS of Venezuela C. A. and TECNOSPORTS Caribbean B.V .; José Alcalá Franco is the Education Representative, under authorization from MAD DOGG ATHLETICS, INC., Fulfilling the controls and quality under the supervision of International Program Education taught only by Master Trainer International.



CARACAS 17 (1 Cec’s)



SPECIAL MASTER INSTRUCTOR RIDE SPINNING CARACAS 2017 with the international guest Néstor Salinas (Chile) accompanied by a group of enthusiastic Venezuelan instructors during the opening of the NEXT GENERATION SPINNING FORUM Caracas’17 (NGSF-CCS’17) is the opportunity to connect with your passion, with the most you like.

The connection with our passion during the official first round of SPINNING® of the year 2017, with music, friends, good atmosphere to roll, to have fun and to learn in great. Know that motivates these instructors to improve their level, their vision and personal mission, they have been very good collaborators with TECNOSPORTS to promote and develop the SPINNING® program throughout Venezuela.

Sandra Perdomo (STAR NIVEL-3 Maracaibo)

Sandra Perdomo Instructra de Spinning

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning Instructor?

“Knowledge is the fundamental basis for growth, so to handle the tools of knowledge and power to transmit it, allows you to take it to another level where what you learned not only benefits you as a person and professional, but also to those through Of what you surrender are surprised to discover their potential develop it and a chain of knowledge is created that hopefully can be repeated. “By: Sandra Perdomo Franco (STAR NIVEL-3) organizer of the International Certification in Maracaibo 2016.

Wilfredo Boulanger (Mérida)


What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning® Instructor?

“Spinning® is a universal language that has no borders, to see my students trained as instructors is to imply that the passion demonstrated in my classes touches the heart of each of them, total satisfaction is watching one of my students teach and Divulge this magic training system that combines feelings and emotions in perfect harmony. My inspiration is to show the world that there are no limits in life. ” By: Wilfredo Boulanger, promotes the development and the next International Certification in Mérida.

Deyanira Guarin  (STAR NIVEL-2 Caracas)

Deyanira Guarin3

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning® Instructor?

“My biggest motivation in becoming a STAR LEVEL-2 Spinning Program is that the students feel very influenced by the instructor, so what you say will be very important, developing my knowledge, improve my ability to individualize The experiences and needs of each of my students, helping them to improve their courses to the maximum with greater security and more assertiveness through good positive and motivating information. By: Deyanira Guarin, first to accumulate points to reach STAR LEVEL-2 of the SPINNING generation of TECNOSPORTS 2016.

Sadicza Bravo (STAR NIVEL-3 Caracas)

Sadicza Bravo

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning® Instructor?

“Achieving the status of Star3 instructor of the Spinning program represents for me a learning plan drawn from my certification for the commitment and responsibility that each class imparts with quality to my students and to be recognized as a member of Team Spinning Venezuela.” By: Sadicza Bravo (STAR LEVEL-3) promoter of the website “Pedaleo Total” to spread SPINNING

Pedro González (Star 3- Caracas)

pedro 3

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning® Instructor?

“Achieving the Maximum Level of Continuous Education of the Spinning® Program as a Spinning® Instructor (Star Level 3) is very enriching since as in every race, the main objective is to reach the goal that you propose, inspired by mountain biking As a route, obtaining this achievement enables me to not only share with a large number of students and colleagues the experience of a spinning® class, but also share an endless knowledge and tools to help them with their specific training purpose “. By: Pedro González (STAR LEVEL-3) promoter and coordinator of the SPINNING Program at TECNOSPORTS.

Layné Segovia (Barquisimeto)

Layné Segovia Instructora SPINNING

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning Instructor?

“I recommend the Spinning Program because it contains a proper methodology for achieving complete training with a near zero injury risk. Additionally, the program is known for gyms and training centers around the world and, therefore, having a Spinning Instructor Certificate really has international validity, a quality that is of great value in these times. ” By: Layné Segovia, organizer of the first SPINNING Certification in Barquisimeto 2016.

Jean Pierre Cordero (Porlamar)

Jean Pierre Cordero Instructor SPINNING

What inspired me to motivate my students to become a Spinning Instructor?

“It was a day to come to that room and see the humility they had each to learn and the desire to discover what they felt, demonstrating that the SPINNING changes.” By: Jean Pierre Cordero, organizer of the first SPINNING Certification in Porlamar 2016.

Fernando Acevedo (STAR NIVEL-3 Caracas)

Fernando Acevedo Instructor Spinning

What motivated me to become a STAR level 3 instructor in the Spinning® program?

“The most important thing for a professional in any area who is passionate about what he does is improve and reach a higher level, this can only be achieved with education and the Spinning® program stands out from the others for having a continuous education structure that offers That professional and personal improvement that in my case I was looking for when I decided to start in the world of fitness. “By: Fernando Acevedo (STAR NIVEL-3) collaborator of the TECNOSPORTS website for the dissemination of the SPINNING® Program.


On behalf of the TECNOSPORTS Education Staff, we are all welcome to the first official Ride of the Year – Connect Your Passion – at the opening of the Next Generation Spinning Forum – Caracas 17 (NGSF CCS’17) and the 1st International Forum CCS’17 “Challenges to become Master Trainer International “José Alcalá Franco Education Representative of Mad Dogg Athletics.


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