Travelle Gaines was raised in Glynn, Louisiana and attended San Jose State University prior to founding Performance Gaines. In addition to working with Athletes indivudually, Travelle has spent time working with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the LSU Football program. While at LSU, Gaines worked with future first round picks: Joseph Addai, Jamarcus Russell, Tyson Jackson, Laron Landry, Dwayne Bowe, Craig “Buster” Davis and Glenn Dorsey.


Travelle Gaines is the Founder and Director of Performance Gaines. 161 current NFL players including 76 starters and 7 Pro Bowlers from 2009 have worked with Gaines. Travelle has worked with both NFL and NBA athletes including: Reggie Bush, Brandon Roy (2006-2007 NBA Rookie of the Year), Bob Sanders (2007 NFL Defensive Player of the Year), Kevin Durant (2007-2008 NBA Rookie of the Year) and Willie Parker (Steelers 2007 & 2008 Pro Bowl RB). As part of his duties, Gaines oversees the NFL and NBA pre-draft training program as well as an off-season NFL speed and strength program. This year’s speed program was attended by more than 30 NFL veterans including Marcus Trufant, Marshawn Lynch, Marques Colston, Owen Daniels and Chris Johnson. Travelle has a successful history of preparing the nation’s top Athletes for the Combine and their Pro Day’s and enabling them for success at the next level. 25% of all of the athletes that prepped with Travelle for the draft in 2008 went on to start at least one game as a rookie. At the 2009 NFL Combine, Athletes trained by Gaines produced 53 top 10 positional finishers with at least one in every testing category. Travelle also produced 7 of the top 20 pro day 40 yard dash times in the country.


[sws_divider_basic] «Our clients are predominantly professional athletes. Needless to say, the expectations are high. AFP is in a class by themselves. They don’t just sell equipment….their knowledge and attention to design allows me to place the worlds leading athletes confidently in their care.»

– Travelle Gaines


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